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Jeb Kerman
How bad is the latency?
Comment from : Jeb Kerman

Nixon Nopticus
A cool video ruined by a talking hag fuck u
Comment from : Nixon Nopticus

Wow i wish i had something like that
Comment from : ramosjc11

The car gets 1ping and I cant even get 20
Comment from : Kuded

Charles Kinuthia
How does the remote driver see the rear?
Comment from : Charles Kinuthia

Sidney Hemphill
They already do this in Wakanda.
Comment from : Sidney Hemphill

Outsourcing driving duties to Asian drivers is just around the corner. Ya'll better start praying.
Comment from : cilvrado

Ivan Vojt
Ideal for the elderly. I would appreciate a couple of J Turns in a followup video.
Comment from : Ivan Vojt

Ad this service to OnStar and I might pay for it
Comment from : GibsonOfAGun

Random Videos
They have woman drivers so this doesn’t scare me at all
Comment from : Random Videos

Good luck with latency in cities.
Comment from : Ruben

Before these type of programs take off, we need a blue sleek light bar in front of the vehicle that turns on alerting other drivers that you are not at the wheel. It could have saved a couple of people lives that were using Autopilot. I might not cut in front of your car going down the street expecting you to respond instantly.

We do this with student drivers initially as a safety protocol.

Comment from : cointelpro123

Eric Cotte
Even with all the questions and answers, I can't get the point of this.
Comment from : Eric Cotte

Monte Foley
You better hope there is no latency.
Comment from : Monte Foley

Alex Bradley
Too bad isn't not for the daily commuter unless I misheard
Comment from : Alex Bradley

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